Video Verification and Audio Challenge 


Video Verification and Audio Challenge

Add standalone cameras to transform your existing intruder detection panel into a video verified and audio challenge solution.

This solution allows your customers to virtually connect video surveillance cameras into an existing intruder panel with the enhanced ability to visually verify and disperse intruders through audio challenge.

By adding video verification to specific areas, our monitoring centre can determine the threat (and could lead to a faster Police response by confirming the alarm when a threat is seen). Audio challenge capability is enabled to deter or disperse unwanted visitors from the site.

Using our intelligent standalone cameras is the hassle-free option. It is also possible to create a video verified solution using a video recorder or standard cameras, but this takes longer to install and requires more configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Add visually verified and audio challenged monitoring services to any monitored intruder panel

  • Rapidly improve response time for monitoring operational staff to assist with threat on site

  • False alarms can be logged and closed without the need to contact the client

  • Compliance support for lone working

  • No on-site video recorder required – cost-effective and rapidly deployable solution

  • Integrated into one system with one app

  • No router configuration or port forwarding required, the app handles all of this

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If our monitoring centre identifies any criminal activity they will also notify the Police if your system has been set up with a unique reference number. An unconfirmed alarm may assist with quicker response if video is able to verify intruders.