Feel safer when working alone with STANLEY Guard

The STANLEY Guard personal security App helps protect vulnerable lone workers, remote workers or any individual who may be at risk at work

Personal and Work Safety

Wherever you go, STANLEY Guard allows you to carry a whole security team in your pocket.  Meaning you will feel safer and be better protected.



Try the smart and cost-effective personal safety security

Your employees and staff can feel safer than ever with the STANLEY Guard mobile Personal Safety and Security Response app. Wherever you go, STANLEY Guard allows you to carry a whole security team in your pocket. It is the smart and cost-effective solution to feeling more protected at work, wherever you are. 

STANLEY Guard is a cost-effective solution and fully monitored by Southern and Northern Monitoring Services.



STANLEY Guard Benefits

Peace of mind - you want an app that works, and you want help – fast. That is why STANLEY Guard was designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible to use.

Pro-active alerts - we track users in real-time from the moment STANLEY Guard is activated, even though an alert has not yet been raised. As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route is sent to the STANLEY Alarm Response Centre.

Man-down alerts - the meeting alarm feature can help you in situations with a risk factor associated with working alone.

Secure Evidence Storage - STANLEY Guard ensures that all data is stored safely, securely and remotely – including any photographic evidence taken

Coronavirus Feature - understand the health and safety of all of your staff - including Coronavirus status


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'Flic' Bluetooth integration Button

The 'Flic' Bluetooth integration Button allows users to raise an alert within 50 meters to reach from the mobile device via the StanleyGuard App. 

When an alert activation is raised, this sends a notification to emergency contacts and dashboard to identify the user’s alert location and detect of audio sound. 

The Bluetooth hardware device activates alerts when only connected to Bluetooth and correctly paired to the StanleyGuard App. Inside the App, the Bluetooth icon will turn green when connected and active for use. 


Who is STANLEY Guard for?

The STANLEY Guard Personal Security App assists in Protecting Vulnerable People such as Lone Workers or any Individual who may be at Risk at Work. This includes people in:

  • Emergency Services

  • Local Government

  • Field Engineers

  • Night-Shift Workers

  • Factory Workers

  • College Students

  • Anyone concerned about their Personal Security

  • NHS Field/Community Healthcare Workers

  • Servicing and Maintenance Companies

  • Haulage Drivers

  • Courier or Express Service Drivers

  • Utility Workers (Gas, Electric and Water)

  • Security Guards

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