Southern Monitoring Services and Northern Monitoring Services Now Live on ECHO  
We’re pleased to announce that our monitoring services are now live on ECHO. In this article we’ll explain what that means for your security customers and how it can benefit them in the long run. 

We're ready to respond as fast as possible.

You may have read our recent article, discussing the launch of ECHO and its benefits to remote security monitoring customers over traditional and DIY solutions – you can read it here. Since then, we’ve been working hard with ECHO to ensure that Southern & Northern Monitoring is at the forefront of this new exciting future for security monitoring and alarm signaling in the UK. 

We’re now pleased to confirm that our remote monitoring services are now live on the new platform, which means we’re ready to provide your customers with the best and the fastest possible protection. 


What is ECHO? 

ECHO is an electronic data interchange system that allows an ARC to send signals straight through to police control rooms instead of calling on the phone which has been the process for many years. 

ECHO-connected police forces and ARC’s help to ensure the quickest possible police response in attending your property, should the need arise – like if an intruder alarm is triggered and verified by the ARC. Furthermore, only certified intruder and hold-up alarm systems provided by approved installers can deliver an ECHO-connected service. 

For security providers and installers, this helps to further differentiate a professional solution for protecting their customers and a simple DIY or traditional system. 

When will ECHO be ready for your customers?

We’re pleased to announce that we are now rolling out ECHO connectivity well in advance of the deadline, which is October 1st. This makes Southern & Northern Monitoring ARCs one of the first in the UK to adopt this technology outside of the original test and development group. 

What are the benefits to Southern & Northern Monitoring customers?   

In their own words, ECHO said, “By switching from traditional telephone communication between individual ARCs and Police Control Rooms, to an ECHO-connected process, police response times can be improved by as much as 4 minutes, a more efficient and effective deployment of Police resources to alarmed premises.” 

Put simply this means police can respond as quickly as possible as we can get critical alarm details through to them faster. 

As we’ve already mentioned, only certified alarms provided by approved suppliers can deliver an ECHO-connected device, so when you work with us, you’re setting yourself apart from your competitors who cannot offer this level of service. 

Which police forces are already working with ECHO?   

Essex and The Metropolitan Police Forces are mandating the use of ECHO from October 1st, 2021, and other forces are expected to do the same in the near future. No dates have been published for other police forces yet, but we’ll be happy to share this information as soon as we have an update. 

"Where can I learn more?"   

More information on ECHO is available on their website at

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