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UK's Leading Security Monitoring Service

It’s not  always  easy keeping up with the rising demands of running a security business . Southern and Northern Monitoring Services is  helping   installers like you   to  stay on top of  security  trends  and  provide excellent customer  service .  

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As a leading security monitoring provider, we know what your customers want. The best security technology to help them feel safe, excellent experiences  from start to finish and solutions to suit their budgets. 

Southern and Northern Monitoring Services can help you exceed expectations in all those areas. We invest heavily in bringing the latest technology to the market and train our staff to care about each of your customers as if they were our own.  

We lead the way when it comes to security monitoring as a service, covering more than 100,000 devices! Also providing cutting edge technology and training to support installers.  


Working with you


Fire and Intruder

Protecting people and property, responding to unconfirmed and confirmed alarms.

Lone Worker and Personal Security

Our systems track, locate, record video and images.  BS8484 compliance enables Police response where required.


Providing image review and bespoke guard touring services. BS8418 compliant for Police response.

Remote Security Management

We provide a broad range of remote monitoring services.



Integrated Services

Our unique ENTITY service enables multiple events and alarms in one system to be managed by one central point of contact.     

Out of Hours Co-ordination

We receive and deal with your calls out of hours.

Levels, Movement and everything else

From water levels and flood detection to the movement of vehicles and temperature change.

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Fire Monitoring

We are specialist at prioritising fire alarms. Given our considerable resource available 24x7, we exceed NSI requirements for times to pick up and respond to fire alarm signalling.

CCTV Monitoring

 We operate remote monitoring of thousands of CCTV systems, both BS8418 and non BS8418 for Police and/or keyholder response, in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015, NSI SSQS 102 and BS5979:2007.

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Intruder Monitoring

Security system (intruder and personal attack alarms) monitoring is our core service. With 35 years’ experience, we know it inside-out.

We tailor our dispatch and communication procedures around your individual needs, which helps reduce your false alarm rate and drives down your costs. This bespoke approach is available to all of our customers, no matter how small or large.

Our highly trained staff focus solely on alarm handling – a separate team deals with administration.

Out of Hours Co-ordination

  We handle calls throughout the night, at weekends and over national holidays for service engineer co-ordination, primarily for the security industry. We also handle 24/7 calls for other services and out-of-hours cover, such as heating or plumbing engineers, sales enquiries, contingency planning, product recall and environmental issues.

Our operators will answer calls in your company name and, for non-urgent calls, there is also a voicemail service.  All incoming calls are logged and recorded for your peace of mind.

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Lone Worker and Personal Safety

SMS and NMS provide products and services for multiple situations, from corporate lone worker devices, to family personal safety systems that stream live video to our monitoring stations. Examples include contracts to view live incidents following panic attack sounding in stores and supermarkets throughout the UK and keeping banking staff safe with cash movement and in-store support. We have BS8484, which enables us to call Police through lone worker and personal safety devices.

Integrated Services

We have a specialist team to manage highly bespoke integrated services. The team remotely enable access to secure areas, monitor premises all the time, at specific times, and/or following activations and people via CCTV and protect premises through fire and intruder detection. The team can proactively track people and assets on the move.

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All queries and all high priority alarms are dealt with by people.

Speak to us about the difference now.