Looking at Security Monitoring and Technology into 2022   
Southern & Northern Monitoring General Manager, Stephen Lord, reflects on a year in monitored security and the shifting landscape of security technology in 2021, and looks forward to security monitoring in 2022. 

Looking back on professional security in 2021 

2021 was so supposed to be very different from 2020, but we never quite managed to shake off the biggest issue, Coronavirus, which is still very much with us and making regular headlines. 

But putting that aside, many things did change. The jobs market has grown busier and nearly every business has seen staff turnover increase as people make a change. For many businesses, the main focus in the past 18 months has been on protecting their people and creating a safe workplace wherever they are. Now it seems everyone is having to work harder to keep them. 

Looking back on 2021 from a security perspective, the lines between improving working environments and protecting people and assets have gotten even more blurred. We seem to be having more conversations about smarter security than ever before. 

Security technology continues to advance with a focus on improved efficiency as well as safety  

Unsurprisingly, the pace of change in technology also continued to increase, just like in 2020.  

So many new techniques, programs, and algorithms are now available, for monitoring, managing, and reporting on security systems. It can seem hard or confusing to try to decide which will bring a benefit to you and your customers.  

You may have heard yourself pondering on questions like, “Can I sell it?”, “Will it improve my processes or my customer service levels?”, or “Does it just look good and contain some clever tech?” 

At Southern & Northern Monitoring we try to help security providers cut through the noise and match the right solutions with your specific needs. In my experience, those who put their priorities at the core of their technical choices often see the biggest gains. 

Personally, I find the best use cases are those that point to where new technology can help not just to improve security or workplace safety, but also help save time and improve operational efficiency too.  

For example, for our security monitoring services, we’ve continued to strike a balance between making sure our operators are always available for high-priority alarms that need intervention and allowing smarter technology to work on the false alarms or the lower priority alarms.  

Below is a recent example of that in action, this graph shows a spike in alarm activations during Storm Arwen. The blue graph shows total activations, while the pink shows activations that were ruled out as false alarms by our systems. This enabled our operators to focus on more pressing matters at hand, like confirmed alarms.


With that said, in all cases, we continue to make sure our customers can speak to an operator if they want to because that’s a key service point for us. 

Finding the tech that improves the working landscape for our operators will continue to be a key focus throughout 2022, because it’s obvious that any gains we make in this department will help improve our service and the coverage your customers receive.  

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Recommendations for security installers in 2022  

No doubt, all of you will be hoping to bring in new security customers in 2022, with many requiring a new security system. Many of your customers may also be due to an upgrade on their old technology, whether that means exchanging existing parts or completely replacing their systems. 

My advice would be to give them a clear picture of what we’ve learned from the past two years. For any security plan, whether it is for residential or business customers, the solution must be smart, flexible, and scalable. Which is one reason why so many more people are switching to remote security monitoring services when they install a new system or upgrade their existing one.  

The same applies to your own business too, especially if you have employees. Adopt new technologies that will enable your teams to work efficiently, measure their effectiveness, and develop where they need to through training. This could help you hold onto your best people. 

2022 promises to be full of challenges (what year isn’t?) but I think one thing the pandemic has taught us all is how to think more flexibly and more creatively, whilst maintaining resiliency to keep pushing for higher standards. 

Have a great end to 2021, we look forward to supporting you next year!

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