Professional Security Monitoring Vs. Basic Remote Monitoring: What is the difference?  
What is the difference between a standard DIY security system with monitoring and security that is installed and monitored by an accredited professional provider? In this article, we will answer that question and cover the key advantages of professional security monitoring over basic remote monitoring services. 

Professional installation and remote monitoring help to simplify security

Security has become more simple for end-users thanks to modern technology. Many systems used to be expensive, with bulky equipment and limited connectivity. Now, it is easier for homeowners and businesses to secure themselves against crime, fire, and other potential threats, thanks to smarter and more integrated systems that can be managed and monitored remotely. 

Security monitoring services have certainly been one of the major advances when it comes to customer experience. They help to reduce nuisance false alarms and help to ensure that somebody is on-hand to respond in the event of a real threat. But more people are now adopting professional security monitoring services for their added benefits that help to improve their experience and, ultimately, their peace of mind too. An accredited professional monitoring centre could provide a heightened level of coverage and help relieve some of the strains of managing multiple systems - you can find out what’s possible with remote security management here. 

Here are four key benefits to professional security monitoring and installation services for homeowners and businesses in the UK. 

1 - Professional monitoring centres work as efficiently and safely as possible  

Did you know that there are different levels of service within the remote security monitoring industry?  

Many providers offer basic packages that may include just a notification or a call to the customer in the event of an alarm going off, some providers will send someone to look around your site and still advertise this as “police response” when they are relying on a guard calling 999.

These options all certainly add another layer of protection and support to end-users for the security systems they have installed. But they still rely on the customer having to intervene, potentially slow response times, or a person entering a potentially dangerous situation to investigate a threat.   

These options all certainly add another layer of protection and support to end-users for the security systems they have installed. But they still rely on the customer having to intervene, potentially slow response times, or a person entering a potentially dangerous situation to investigate a threat. 

At Southern & Northern Monitoring, we use sophisticated alarm handling software to ensure that all alarms that come into us are given the appropriate level of attention. A low battery alarm, for example, would be a lower priority than a fire alarm. Our software works with a huge range of alarm panels and communication devices to ensure you get the right level of response based on the alarm signal we receive. 

And once we have picked the alarm up, we follow the customers’ precise instructions on how to deal with that alarm – all pre-agreed and displayed to the operator on their screen, so that when the pressure is on there is no time wasted in decision making. 

2 - Professional monitoring services can help provide police quickest possible police response 

If your system is installed to the correct standard and has been allocated a Unique Reference Number (URN) by your local police force, certain alarm types can be escalated to the police. This is not usually available for DIY alarm systems or basic monitoring services.  

An accredited Alarm Receiving Centre can call certain alarms directly through to police control rooms. This is different from what some providers are talking about when they claim to offer police response, as when they will send a guard out who will then call 999. As you can see, the accredited professional monitoring service provider can take an instant action in calling the police, which can heavily reduce the response time from the moment a threat is identified. 

Also, police signaling is changing with the launch of ECHO, which allows only accredited monitoring centres to transmit the details directly to the police on their own network without the need for a phone call. This is already live for alarms in London and Essex, with more locations due to follow soon. You can learn more about ECHO here

3 - Accredited alarm monitoring service providers can provide comprehensive safety and security coverage  

Remote security monitoring services are a great add-on for many security providers. But it is more comprehensive when it is at the core of your business. To use Southern & Northern Monitoring as an example, we are an NSI Gold accredited company. We have two facilities in the UK, providing 24/7 coverage 365 days a year.  

To make sure we are always available to handle alarms, we have comprehensive backup plans and are regularly audited by NSI to ensure we’re operating up to the highest standards.  

But it’s not just about IT systems and infrastructure, our security response team is highly trained and regularly assessed – new members must complete weeks of training before they man a station in our control rooms. 

4 – A professional remote monitoring provider and security installer can create bespoke solutions    

Every site or building comes with its own security challenges. That’s why it pays to work with a trusted security provider that can create bespoke solutions. A professional security installer will be able to listen to your needs and help to identify weak points too, to help you plan for the best possible protection for your home or business. They’ll also be able to provide a regimented maintenance service to help ensure your systems stay online. 

The same should apply to security monitoring services too. As an accredited service provider, we know the value in understanding our customers inside out and, thanks to our infrastructure, we’re not limited to traditional alarm monitoring services alone. We can also monitor for floods and fires, and even help with business operations in temperature-controlled buildings, for example. 

As you can see, experienced and accredited professional security providers can go beyond offering basic protection and act as an important business support unit. 

"Where can I learn more about professional remote monitoring?"   

Now that you’ve learned the four key advantages of professional remote security monitoring services, you can start educating your customers and provide them with a better level of protection today. If you’re interested in moving your connections over to Southern & Northern Monitoring, we’ll be happy to help. 

We're working with the leading manufacturers to provide security systems that enable installers to provide the best protection to their customers. Plus, they can benefit from one of the best-in-class monitoring services in the UK, from our two fully-accredited ARCs.

We also offer a wide range of security solutions for homes and businesses, such as guard replacement, CCTV, personal safety, fire detection, and intruder alarm monitoring. 

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