Virtual Carer Monitoring

“ArchAngel is a complete virtual carer service supplied by Southern Monitoring… It’s precedence is through our fully-fledged BS 5979 Cat II ARCs…”

Lone Worker Monitoring

Assisted Living and Telecare Monitoring

  • We monitor all sorts of assisted living and telecare alarms – ArchAngel Virtual Carer, radio pendants, pull cords, calls initiated through a telephone base unit and we even motion sensors attached to high usage items where a lack of activity would give call for concern.

    We know that assisted living callers are often distressed and can sometimes be confused and our operators are skilled at extracting the right information in a caring and considerate way.  We have been handling calls of this nature for over 20 years so you can rest assured that your company is represented in the best possible light.

    Our services include everything from just giving reassurance and arranging assistance to dispatching emergencies.

  • ArchAngel is a range of products that works uniquely with MASweb software and is particularly suited to non BS8484 situations, although it can be BS8484 compliant.  It works on any mobile phone and is easy to use, whatever the end user’s ability.  Only ArchAngel Protector for vulnerable worker protection needs a separate device.

    Our operators are trained to deal with all situations that lone workers find themselves in, from accident to duress.  Our services include everything from basic observation to handling emergencies, in line with individual pre-determined action plans.