Bottom Line Interview

Richard Solly, Head of Monitoring at SMS and NMS was interviewed for the Bottom Line last month.   Read the interview here

5 December 2018


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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Our new revised GDPR statement is now online.  Click here for the detail

08 June 2018

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CSL Secure CCTV Routers

Southern and Northern Monitoring Services has become the first UK ARC to offer a secured CSL router commercial service with private, secure links in to the ARC. The service enables areas previously difficult to transmit CCTV footage straight to SMS and NMS via a secured connection. Contact Mike Plummer for more information.

1 March 2018

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Training Development

SMS and NMS has just boosted training resource with three permanent trainers, plus additional training support, an industry leading move for quality and people development.  Christina Cahill-Green, National Training Manager for SMS and NMS confirmed a new initiative of call reviews, scoring and re-testing launched in January 2018.

15 February 2018