No monitoring charge increases in 29 years of trading!

Hello again,

It has come to our notice that one of the larger Alarm Receiving Centre's in the UK have increased their fees for monitoring alarms over the different network suppliers by as much as 5%. This represents a major cut to an alarm company's margin on remotely monitored systems and makes it more difficult to compete in an ever competitive market especially during the current financial crisis. Apart from your wage bill, the ARC annual cost is often the next biggest expenditure to your company.

At Northern & Southern Monitoring we are proud to say that we have not increased our monitoring charges in the last 29 years of trading, the exception being where there have been BT RedCare line rental increases. We believe that keeping our customers pricing competitive enables them to have a fighting chance to go out there and win new business.

The announced price increase by a competitor ARC has been blamed on ever increasing charges levied by the major network suppliers (RedCare, DualCom, Emizon and WebWayOneto name a few) but we can assure you that we have not seen any increase whatsoever from these suppliers and do not intend to increase our charges to our customers.

It could be that now is the time you look at the charges being levied by your supplier and see if you can make savings by moving to SMS & NMS, a NSI Gold accredited, high integrity monitoring provider; so that you get two ARC's for the price of one with no interruption to service!

We are continually developing new monitoring services for the alarm installers and we would like to discuss our services and options with you to see if we can work together to bring new opportunities for your business.

Please feel free to contact us on 0844 871 2223 or drop us an e-mail and we would gladly pop in and discuss how we can help you to save costs and leverage the best margins on your existing estate of signalling systems.

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