MASweb Software

MASterMind's MASweb helps us take mission critical decisions accurately and efficiently every time.  It is the most advanced, sophisticated and comprehensive alarm handling and services software available.  MASweb is a suite of software which not only facilitates alarm dispatch but also gives you false alarm reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements, remote engineering functions for alarm servicing (VRT), remote access to your client database (MASweb) and out-of-hours service co-ordination, as well as commissioning and servicing via our dedicated team of operators.

A reports suite has been specifically written and developed through consultation with our MASweb customers, which gives the ability to print and view a wealth of account information online.  The software also integrates with all popular signalling technologies and formats used in the security industry.  This includes the RedCare Digital Services Platform (DSP), SIA, Contact ID, extended formats, GSM, ISDN and packet switched data networks.

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