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 1 March 2018

Some will say (especially the competition!) that being acquired changes the culture and substance of a company.  We have heard everything over the past year, all of it has been said many times before, following many acquisitions.

Having worked in business change environments of professional services, telecommunications, datacentres and service industries, including several acquisitions, I have seen this path and change numerous times.  The purchase of SMS and NMS in January 2017 has brought the benefit of significant financial backing and investment, while retaining the independence that is so important to our company.  You will notice from correspondence, our marketing materials and the conversations you have with us that we are Southern and Northern Monitoring.  

This business was built up over 35 years by the Christie family and the considerable efforts of Steve Kimber.  As most will be aware, Steve has now retired, taking a well deserved break from the stresses and strains of the security industry.  The management team remain in place, with over 60 years’ experience within the senior management team alone, over 100 years across wider management. 

In the last year, nearly £1million has been invested in infrastructure, enabling the business to move forward with the latest technology. 17 new staff have recently been recruited.  We have also invested more in our industry leading training.  Our ratios of trainers to operational staff has just been increased by 30%.  The highly regarded proprietary training system created over the last 30 years, that sets SMS and NMS apart, has been further bolstered.  Regular operator reviews and loopback training ensure an environment of continuous improvement.

Although the business had for many years owned companies in monitoring and alarm installation, post-acquisition, a customer charter was created and privacy policies strengthened.  This ensures that customer information is kept confidential.  We do  not disclose details of direct or indirect customers outside of the SMS and NMS company.

SMS is a rare breed of monitoring company.  Two fully staffed alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and auto failure allow alarm signals and phone contact to move seamlessly between two separate sites. N+1 power, telecoms and network resilience is normal.

We are also one of the very few ARCs to have a full technical team, enabling in-house programming, technical development and separate operations and administrative teams.

We are excited about the future of the company and the monitoring sector and look forward to developing business with our partners.