Next Generation Monitoring

Smarter Monitoring 

Here at Southern and Northern Monitoring Services, we understand that great customer service levels and reduced waiting times are the top considerations when choosing your Alarm Receiving Centre. Reducing the time that your engineers and customers wait on the phone when responding to high priority alarms provides you with peace of mind that your monitoring centre has their best interest at heart.


Tell us about the new Smart alarm notification experience 

The Smart Alarm Notification Process

This additional layer of monitoring services will capture certain types of information alarms, such as low battery and trouble alarms, and automatically identify them to be dealt with immediately by our smart software.

We will continue to notify your customer in our normal process, cycling through the named key holders and allowing them to select an option to clear the alarm or letting it pass through to the next key holder.


Southern Monitoring Services and Northern Monitoring Services are committed to providing leading products and services to ensure the security, privacy and resilience of our customers. In a world where risks constantly evolve, security companies need to as well. We are leading the way, and are investing in digitising our whole infrastructure to ensure we provide smarter, faster and from anywhere monitoring.