What makes us different?

“I am confident that everyone here will provide you with unrivalled levels of service, and that you will actually enjoy doing business with us…”

  • We’ve over 30 years as the market leader, we’re the largest independent ARC service and largest independent RVRC service in the UK, monitoring over 1,500 alarm installers’ systems.

  • If you need high-integrity monitoring, you’ve come to the right place.  We are the only independent monitoring company in the UK with a second ARC.

    The centres are data linked, offer a hot-redundant stand-by and deliver transparent fail-over which guarantees that there are never any interruptions to your ARC or RVRC service.

  • skilled operators who focus on specific tasks. Our staff are masters in their individual areas of expertise and do not multi-task.

  • We’ll work with you – your dedicated account manager is good at listening, good at communicating and good at delivering what you want; a fundamental for any long-term working relationship.

  • Innovative and proactive – we offer a wide and diverse range of monitoring services and are always looking for opportunities to help you increase your revenue stream.

  • Both ARC’s are NSI ARC Gold accredited to provide high integrity monitoring of intruder alarms, the monitoring of fire alarms, and both RVRC’s are accredited to provide monitoring to BS84188 detector activated CCTV systems and non-BS8418 CCTV systems used in security application, all of which is done in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008, NSI SSQS 102 and BS5979:2007.