State-of-the-art Technology

“State of the art technology gives our installers easy, yet secure access to their accounts and makes the​ service we provide as seamless as possible…”

  • MASweb is a secure portal, accessible via any tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  We can lock down access by time, and even by the IP addresses that are allowed to access the portal.

    It provides the installer instant access to accounts to do things like, view the account’s history, update site or keyholder details and run reports to see how systems are performing.  It is also useful when used in conjunction with our monthly health check report; to ensure all highlighted issues are resolved and keep a finger on the pulse at all times.

    End users and engineers can also use MASweb in a lite version which allows them to place sites on and off test, and see what signals have been sent in the same order.  All of this can be tailored to your needs so that the software presents the data and allows the actions that you wish to be performed.

    • Completely secure
    • Saves time
    • Saves money on telephone calls
    • Electronically saves a record that you have tested your fire alarm on a weekly basis

    For installers we provide training days to cover any aspect of MASweb, and for those that can’t make them, we are always happy to help you at both SMS or NMS.

  • Engineers and customers alike can use MASmobile on their smartphones or MAS Engineer Lite manage customer data, place systems on or off test, view a systems event history, test history, and system zones, from out in the field.

    The MASmobile App can be used on any iPhone, Android or iPad. For engineers and end users this is nearly always all that is required.

    Engineers can easily place systems on test to commission or carry out maintenance, and they can see the order in which signals have been sent.

    For end users, mainly for commercial and retail premises, MASmobile allows them access to their own monitored alarm system to place the accounts on test; in order to carry out their necessary weekly fire and personal attack alarm system testing; to get real-time data and historic account information easily yet securely.

    • One click to place your system on test
    • Holds a complete electronic record of your weekly alarm system test history
    • Completely secure
    • Saves time
    • Saves money on multiple calls to the ARC to place system on and off test, confirm your test signals were received, etc
    • Assessible via any iPhone, Android or iPad